Minimalism begins again

Another day and a realisation that I can’t keep having so many things as it complicates decision making. So after a week of doing something which I thought I’d like and ended up not liking I’ve purged my technology and blitzed away a computer I won’t use and now have it as a server to store and use as required as opposed to have two main computers to work on. Now I have my MacBook air and i can remote to the server if I require to do so for work.

I’m refusing to go near the gaming temptations of windows 10 and instead focussing on the creative outlet that is my MacBook air, iPad and soon to be iPhone. One ecosystem to better spend my time on delivery not organisation.

Next to cull will be this desk and hand it to my daughter so she can do her drawing and school work on hit and I will work from the couch, beanbag or anywhere I like.