The Soldier (ANZAC DAY)

Far away in a place I’ve never been
He stood for what he thought was right
Surrounded by his fellow soldiers
Ahead stood the enemy of their cause

Waist deep in mud and death
Exchanging gun fire to an enemy hardly seen
In a suffering fight for every inch
He fought on boldly for what was right

I can’t imagine the sound
Can’t imagine the images
That bore into his eyes every day
That shattered his ears every night

The screams of his mates as they died
Piling up around him, minute by minute
To feel the pain of death every second
To see it every day

Yet by a passion and courage
That I’ll never know
He kept on fighting against the odds
Till he was wounded, dead or he won

He’s the soldier that never comes home
The ones that march every ANZAC day
In every war Australia has been in
Standing up for a cause and a better life

I salute you, like so many others do
The sacrifices you made
The courage you showed those times
An international legend, A national hero

by Thomas McKenzie

The realisation of minimalism

I’m slowly burning through all of my possessions and donating those that are still useable and removing those that are not. What once was a dual monitor setup, with 4 hard drives and 2 different mice and keyboards has now shrunk down to a simple MacBook Air and network storage.

I hardly watch any movies anymore, appliances are becoming less used, and all my music is digital, but when it comes to reading I’m still 75/25 paper vs Kindle. That is where I am at and that is where I’m going to stay.

As a minimalist person I want to be rid of all things that don’t add value and it’s working great but as a writer I love my books. I’ve always written best in libraries surrounded by knowledge, quiet and the smell of paperbacks. I’ve never been able to find the creative vibe anywhere else except for a 45 minute commute on a train in the morning. So I’ve realised that I can only go so far to make my minimalist life and keeping my books around will inspire me to write more, give me relaxing reading time and be a haven for my kids as they grow up. I am planning on turning our lounge room into a personal library, not a massive big one, but a place for knowledge, quiet and smells.

Interesting to add here is that should any books be destroyed or lost, I have no emotional response as they are just books and as I’m not a rare collector all are easily replaceable, digital or otherwise, so it’s more of a standing artwork than a book collection. One that just so happens to have millions of pages, billions of words and smells rather musty.